Market Report: 12 Ways to Wear Cutoffs Without Looking Sloppy

And more style headlines to know this a.m.


  • Happy Monday, Shoppists! It’s the week of Memorial Day, which means the official kickoff of Shorts Season. Here’s how to rock cutoffs and still look sophisticated. (Yes, it can be done.) [Refinery29]
  • And in the future, the fabric we wear will be able to transform, conduct energy, change color, regulate body temperature, moisturize our skin, light up, and grow. Is this the end to too-tight pants after a big meal? [Forbes]

  • “Why are designers still searching desperately for trends when there are no trends?” DEATH TO THE FASHION TREND. [WWD]
  • Is this the best bra ever? It’s certainly the comfiest. [The Cut]


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