Broad Street Runners: 5 Best Pedicures for Tired Feet

Sometimes a plain ol' pedicure just won't do.

If you wrapped up the 10-mile Broad Street Run yesterday, I can only speculate that it wreaked havoc on your feet. That’s where Shoppist has you covered. We rounded up the best pedicures in Philly that are more about restoring feet to their pre-run glory than painting on the perfect polish (not that it hurts).

And if you didn’t participate in the festivities yesterday, no worries. Sometimes just traipsing around Philly is enough wear-and-tear to warrant one of these pedicure-on-steroids-treatments.

1. Bio-Stone Masque Spa: Nail Bar, Rittenhouse

The service starts with a crystal bath-salts foot soak, followed by a sugar scrub and cleanse to slough off dead skin. Then, a hydrating mask is applied from foot to knee (hello, runners) to restore tired, dry skin. And to cap it off, enjoy an Asian-style hot stone and oil rub treatment. Oh, did we mention the glass of complimentary wine or champagne? $75.

2. Arnold Palmer Athletic Pedicure: Koco Nails, East Falls

Okay, weird name aside, this service is the perfect way to relax your feet. Named after golfer-cum-lemonade-beverage Arnold Palmer, the service includes a green-tea foot bath to remove impurity build-up and a lemon heel treatment (a natural exfoliant!) to moisturize and smooth feet. $45.

3. Bagazo Del Coconut Mango Foot Massage: Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa, Rittenhouse

This service is the organic answer to tired, worn feet. The pedicure begins with a foot massage, followed by exfoliation with natural coconut flakes. Feet and calves are then rubbed with deliciously scented coconut oil. The service is capped off with a water-based organic polish. $64.

4. Sports Pedicure: Zazen Nail Spa, Bryn Mawr

Could there be a more appropriate post-Broad Street pedicure? The sports pedicure is the secret to recuperating runners’ feet. The service includes a soak with epsom salt to aid inflammation and relieve pain. Calluses are then smoothed and feet are engaged in a reflexology-based foot massage with peppermint lotion and a warm paraffin mask to hydrate and relax feet. $41.

5. Anti-Stress Pedicure: Body Sanctuary, Washington Square West

Running 10 miles (or even having an epic walking commute) has a way of stressing a body out. Enter Body Sanctuary’s Anti-Stress Pedicure. It starts with a warm, calming herbal foot soak to enable tension release. Afterwards, a peeling cream is applied to exfoliate dead skin cells and then nails are shaped and cuticles are conditioned. To finish, a thick nourishing cream is massaged into dry soles. $40.