Philly Brand Toggery Just Launched an Amazing New E-Shop

Local retail is just a click away.


Earlier this week, local brand Toggery launched an incredibly chic new website. Let’s just say, this is how e-stores should be done. Flat shot pics and images on models. Multi-platform compatibility (we checked). Easy scroll-down menu. It’s that good. I mean, if they wanted to sell potato sacks, I’d probably bite, but the fact that they stock sustainable, USA-made, high-quality basics gives me all the more reason to shop the new site. Once you click over there, check out their minimalist Tumblr; they update regularly with shop news and pics of bloggers wearing the designs. (It’s pretty handy when you’re in a style rut.) Rather get some brick-and-mortar action? The brand is stocked all over the country, but you can find it locally at Knit Wit and Arcadia. Hey, it’s good to have options, right?