POLL: Is the Monocle the Worst Fashion Statement a Man Can Make?


Tragically, the monocle is making a comeback, as dutifully detailed in the New York Times on March 5th in Allen Salkin’s article, “One Part Mr. Peanut, One Part Hipster Chic: The Monocle Returns as a Fashion Accessory.”

The only good thing about all of this unnecessary pretension and stupidity is that the monocle apparently hasn’t made its way to Philadelphia as of yet.

The salesperson at trendy Modern Eye chuckled when I asked if they had any monocles in stock. The woman answering the phone at Sazz Vintage sounded incredulous, insisting, “We wouldn’t carry anything like that here.” Not even Briar Vintage could help me out.

But as awful as the monocle is—and, in case you’re not getting this loud and clear: THE MONOCLE IS TRULY AWFULis it really the worst fashion statement a man can make? Take our Shoppist poll below.

POLL Which Is the Worst Men’s Fashion Statement?