Bleach, Paint and Patch: 7 DIY Tricks for Your Boring Old Jeans

Blue jean baby, indeed.

8 Coolest Jeans—And How to Make 'Em Yourself

What we have here, Shoppists, is proof that denim can be utterly, painfully cool. We also have proof that denim—especially when it’s ultra cool—can also be utterly, painfully expensive. For those brave enough to venture beyond the skinnies (you are! I know it!), I’ve found seven incredible pairs that take denim to another level. But if you don’t have deep pockets—a few of these pairs break the bank—I’ve also given you some helpful  tips for turning your old jeans into modern works of art, along with a handy ranking of where they each fall on the DIY scale. So read on, friends, and if you attempt any of these at home, please let me know! I’ll certainly be taking a paintbrush to my oldest pair. Happy shopping/creating.