Market Report: Why You Need to Stop Wearing Matching Earrings

And more style news to know this morning.

Market Report

  • Your shoes should match. Your earrings, though? Not anymore. Style tip of the day: Swap out one of your studs for a mismatched one (say, a pearl on one ear and a gold stud on the other) for instant style cred. [Fashionista]
  • And, ugh, here’s the omnipresent Kate Upton in a bikini in zero gravity or, as The Cut puts it, “space boobs.” (Thanks, Kate. Now go away for a little bit.) [The Cut]

  • How to show your love in Seoul: Dress identical to your partner. Like, every day. Check out all these couples who get matchy-matchy. (A note to my husband: I love you, but whoa, not that much.) [WWD]
  • You definitely need this in your life: a step-by-step photographic guide to perfecting the blow-out at home. Holy cow, her hair looks amaahzing. [A Cup Of Jo]
  • News you can use: Five awesome, little-known uses for clear nail polish, including keeping buttons from falling off and preventing frayed shoelaces. Smart! [Free People]