Shopping Confession: I Want Everything in the New Sophia Grace and Rosie Jewelry Collection

Tutus and tiaras for all!

Confession: Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I watch videos of Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen. They’re two of my favorite people ever, which is sort of weird because I’ve never met them and I don’t even particularly like kids all that much. Maybe it’s their British accents. Or their massive flouncy tutus! Or maybe because, like me, Sophia Grace is extremely excitable and has a penchant for ear-piercing squeals.

In any case, I squealed as soon as I saw this subject line in my inbox this morning:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Claire’s Inc. Lauches Sophia Grace & Rosie Collection

Oh. My. God.

So here are the details: The 12-piece collection launches tomorrow in Claire’s stores (no, I can’t remember the last time I visited Claire’s, and you probably can’t either, but let’s put that aside for now) and includes a sequin tutu (a sequin tutu!), a charm bracelet, and a gold tiara. See some of the collection below, and then—as an extra treat—watch more videos of the cutest duo to ever grace an afternoon talk show. SQUEAL.