Street Style: Felix, The Cat-Obsessed Choreographer Who Wears A Cat Vest

It's just as crazy—and awesome—as it sounds.

Photo by Evan Schapiro

Name: Felix

Where He Lives: Collingswood (for the weekend)

Day Job: Professional dancer and choreographer

Where We Found Him: Shopping with Mom at the 23rd Street Armory Clover Market

Where He Shops: Retrospect, South Street

Photo by Evan Schapiro

Photo by Evan Schapiro

What He’s Wearing: A denim vest from a vintage store on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn; a t-shirt from Bodega in Boston; Osiris shoes from CCS.

Sound Bite: “My denim vest is my pride and joy. I  found it with most of the patches still attached. The back patch is from a t-shirt that shrunk too much in the wash. But I love the image so much I had to hold onto it in some way. The decal sat on a shelf for a few years before I made the connection that it needs to live on the vest.I’ve always felt a deeper connection to felines than human beings—a spirit animal. And I can switch the vest with sweatshirts and other jackets, too. Versatile and flexible, cat style.