On Our Insta-List: Miserable Men Shopping

We can't help but feel sorry. And laugh. Mostly laugh.


We at Shoppist have seen an amazing upturn in men’s fashion in the past year (see: this and this), but the truth remains: not all men like shopping. Everyone’s seen them: Guy Who’d Rather Be Watching The Game, Guy Taking Nap, Guy With Eyes Buried In iPhone. Believe us, the list goes on. Consequently, you can imagine our pleasure when we stumbled upon the Instagram handle Miserable Men. The account catalogues photo submissions that show, well, profoundly miserable men in retail settings (i.e. a Pepto Bismol-pink Victoria’s Secret fitting room). It’s pretty hilarious and will make us think twice about dragging our SOs to the mall.

One of these things does not belong.

Looks like someone’s is having a self-prescribed time-out.

At least he’s hidden (see the men out in the middle of the mall, above).

We get it. Shopping is tiring.

We can think of one place he’d rather be.

Desperation sets in.

The shopping bag barricade: Classic.