You Need To See These Famous Red Carpet Looks—On Kids

What would Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes gown look like on an eight-year-old?

Today at Shoppist HQ, we can’t get enough of these children posing as celebrities on the red carpet. The company behind the photos, Toddlewood, works with a team of designers, producers, and hair and makeup artists to create miniaturized versions of lauded looks from recent award shows. The idea sounds a little creepy in theory, but once you see how spot-on these recreations are, you’ll share our glee (or you’ll still think it’s creepy; we don’t know your life). Either way, here are six of our favorite looks from the 2014 Golden Globes (honorable mention goes to this Adele look-a-like from the 2013 Grammys)—cue squeals. If you want more, just wait a few weeks, when Toddlewood will surely recreate looks from the Grammys. (We can already see this look getting the tot treatment.) So you decide: cute or creepy?