The Best Of Shoppist’s Instagram

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This fall and winter have been crazy-busy in Shoppist Land. Some highlights: Philly Mag Fashion Project winner Sara Teixeira setting up shop in Knit Wit’s window; intern Layla strutting her denim-on-denim stuff (see her vintage look here); the gloves we loved—and then bought; pre-show tapings with the QVC crew (yep, that’s Shoppist HQ!); packing up for a spin on the Steve Harvey show; behind-the-scenes taping at QVC; pretty holiday cards; an exclusive Lagos dinner with Philly’s most stylish and inspiring crew; prepwork for October’s Philly Mag Shops, which is where I scored this awesome top by PMFP contestant Mariel Rojo; a fur-puff ring; smart discussions at ThinkFest; pretty blooms; that time we made over the Foobooz team.

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