Here’s Where To Score Free Gift-Wrapping In Philly

Because the holidays are hard enough.

Though gift-wrapping has its joys (i.e. discovering you’ve perfectly measured out that square of wrapping paper), it’s not without its own distinct set of annoyances, like realizing that you’ve run out of paper and will have to patchwork it together. Or finding that you’ve used all the Scotch tape. Or spending forty-five minutes trying to figure out how the hell to wrap something that doesn’t fit inside a gift box. We know that while turning out a fantastic-looking present can make you feel like this, there’s nothing quite as amazing as hearing a shopkeep utter the words “Would you like us to wrap this for you?” Here, 15 stellar shops that do it all for you—for free. Because that, my friends, is the best gift ever.

Scarlett Alley: Buy something here, and they’ll wrap it up in a Kraft boxes with silver paper and colored tulle.

Lolli Lolli: Because wrapping kids’ toys has its own unique challenges.

The Geisha House: This women’s clothing and accessory shop will wrap every from apparel to jewelry.

Pileggi: Deciding which fab thing to buy will be tough enough; just let ’em wrap it all for you.  

Bus Stop: Complimentary gift wrapping will be offered free with purchases throughout the month of December.

L’Occitane: Buy something in the Walnut Street store, and they’ll wrap it for you in a gorgeous L’Occitane box. Ordering online? They’ll wrap it for you or, if you need your gift quickly, you can choose to have them send you the gift-wrapping kit with your order, for semi-DIY wrapping.

United by Blue: Because this Philly-based company has an environmental mission, its gift wrap uses minimal waste. Think: Kraft boxes with blue tissue paper, tied with a blue ribbon and stamped.

Third Street Habit: In the boutique’s signature luxe-boho style, its free gift wrap entails natural Kraft boxes with tulle and gorgeous printed tissue.

Knit Wit: What you’ll get: the coolest graphic black-and-white wrapping paper (polka dots and checks!) tied up with custom ribbon bearing Knit Wit’s name.

Plage Tahiti: More black-and-white graphic paper, like its sister store, Knit Wit.

Eaves: The high-end Wayne boutique is equally posh in its present-wrapping.

Shop Sixty Five: Choose your location (Doylestown or Gladwyne), pick your presents, and let them wrap it all for you.

Deconstructed Living: Buy a cute candle or hostess gift at this must-visit Wayne shop, and its comes tied with an adorable wooden tag.

Tory Burch: If you simply must buy online, make sure to click the ‘Gift Packaging’ option; they’ll wrap your item in a signature Tory Burch gift box, complete with ribbon, gift receipt and your personalized message.

 And not completely free, but close enough:

Smak Parlour: There is a $1 charge for the shop’s gift boxes, but it’s worth it: They are adorable pink pastry boxes (available in several sizes), and they come with pink tissue and ribbon. All proceeds go to ‘The Dude Hates Cancer’ charity.