The Look: DIY Studded Converse

What Philly Mag wears to work.

When Shoppist and lifestyle intern Marina Lamanna popped into my office sporting these kicks, I instantly loved them. And though studded sneaks have been a thing for a while now, there’s something about them that seems less trendy and more eternally cool than, say, the wedge sneaker.  When Marina told me she studded the Chucks herself, I loved them even more. Here, how she scored cute kicks on a college-student budget.

The Look: “Studded Converse are not anything new, but they’re totally my style, and I just never jumped on it until now. Free People had a pair of studded Converse, but they were normally $130. On Black Friday they were only $40. I went to order them and they were sold out of my size. I called stores in Texas and Florida to try to find them but they were sold out everywhere, so I decided to make them myself. I already had a pair of cream, overly pristine Converse sitting in my closet. They still really need some scuffing.”

How I Did It: “The silver and gold studs came together in a pack from Michaels, and I also got glittery ones in the same size to sprinkle throughout. I attached them all with a hot glue gun. There were lots of Band-Aids afterwards from burning myself. I tried to be careful of where pressure points are because those studs are going to pop off more easily.”

Total Time: An hour and a half.

Total Cost: Around $56 (including Converse shoes; studs cost about $6 total).