Market Report: RIP, Condé Nast Intern Program

Millions of aspiring Anna Wintours cry.


  • To the dismay of wannabe Anna Wintours everywhere, Condé Nast shuts down internship program. But good news: Philly Mag’s internship program is still going strong! (You know you want to work with Shoppist.) [New York Times]
  • Kate Bosworth‘s super-chic collection for Topshop is available now. (I bought myself this first thing this morning. It’s like the prettiest tinfoil ever.)
  • There’s a t-shirt that helps you sit up straighter, which makes you look more fit. I’ll take one in every color, please. [GPhilly]
  • The Philly Mag/Foobooz food duo: Jason Sheehan and Art Ertchells got makeovers just in time for Whiskey Fest. (Warning: There were mullets involved. And white Crocs.) The final result? Right here.

  • This Friday and Saturday, Skirt is offering a sweet sweater deal: Buy one, get 10 percent off; buy two sweaters, get 20 percent off; buy three, get 30 percent off. Buy every sweater in stock, well, give some to me.
  • Apparently, bargain-hunting is genetically inherited. Thanks, mom. [Refinery29]
  • Another black shopper came forward and said she also had been racially profiled while shopping at Barneys. [New York Post  ]