The Look: Fur and Bathrobes

A weekly behind-the-scenes look at Philly Mag's style.

I’ve worked at Philly Mag for years now, but there was a time when I worked at a place where people wore stuff like suits and ties and pencil skirts and button-ups. Needless to say, I didn’t quite fit in. Here at Philly Mag, it’s quite a different story. The writers sometimes come in rumpled, those long-suffering journalist types. The sales team nails professional, chic “I have to meet a client” style.  The marketing team is always on-trend—and they constantly look naturally tan, too, like they just got off a fabulous beach somewhere. My fellow editors, we get to play around a bit: leather pants, sequins in the afternoon, tee-shirts and rhinestones. I’ve realized that I can never go back to a regular sort of office again. 

I’ve also realized that not a day goes by that I don’t see something on someone in the office that I love, whether it’s a cool manicure (our photo director, Jess H. Webster, always has the best ones) or a great tie (A&E editor Victor Fiorillo has an insane collection of splashy vintage ones) or a fantastic pair of shoes (Wedding sales and marketing director Alana Tosti effortlessly wore her six-inch YSL pumps throughout her entire pregnancy).

Each week, I’ll be highlighting the best look I spotted around Philly Mag HQ, with tips and secrets on how to score the best stuff in the city. To start things off, here’s a peek at the stuff I sport to work. (That’s me, right up there. Hi!) I’m lucky in that, being the lifestyle editor, I can get away with a lot: turbans, pink hair, leather crop tops, cocktail dresses and paillettes at 9am.

The Look: Robe from Anthropologie in Rittenhouse (the print was designed by a Philly artist!); maxi-dress from Zara in Rittenhouse; necklace from Love Illuminati in Newtown (now, sadly, closed); flea market cuff; lambswool bag, gift from my mother-in-law.

My Style: A bit eccentric. I like to mix and match prints, I adore vintage, and I’ve never met a caftan I didn’t love. I generally mix flea market finds with designer splurges, and I tend to wear things that push me a bit out of my comfort zone. For evening, I’ll wear a vintage kimono instead of a dress, and on chilly days, I’ll wear a pretty silk bathrobe instead of a denim jacket. (Like the one in the photo: I used my trusty seam-ripper to take off the belt loops, and it’s become my go-to, throw-on-and-go coat. I’ll add a fur collar this fall.)

Where I Shop: See all those boutiques coming to Philly Mag Shops on Sunday? I hand-picked ’em all for a reason. (Plus: Joan Shepp and flea markets.)