Just Listed: Warehouse Loft Condo in Fishtown

Here’s another apartment with personality in a building with personality galore — not to mention the city’s oldest working electric elevator.

condo for sale Fishtown warehouse loft main living area

This spacious loft condo has the room and open plan you need to make it uniquely yours, just as the current owner of 1100 Shackamaxon St. #3F, Philadelphia, Pa. 19125 has done. | Photos: Ben Abrams via Adam Baldwin, Compass

If you missed this opportunity to rent a one-of-a-kind condo in Fishtown’s Old World Warehouse, and if you’re kicking yourself because you slept through this opportunity to buy one, pay attention this time, for your number’s come up again.

And the number happens to be the next one in the sequence: the rental we featured in May was Unit 3D, and the Fishtown warehouse loft condo for sale we showcased last October was Unit 3E.

We now offer for your consideration Unit 3F.

Like the two before it, this Fishtown warehouse loft condo for sale reflects the personality of its owner, whose passion you should be able to divine from these photos.

building exterior

Building exterior

Obviously, the Old World Warehouse attracts residents who have strong personalities and passions and want an open, flexible space in which to showcase them.

Or maybe it attracts those people because it’s one of only a very few buildings in this city where they can haul their passions inside with ease.

condo for sale Fishtown warehouse loft elevator


Its freight elevator is the reason why. According to the listing agent, it’s the oldest working electric elevator in Philadelphia, installed when this building was constructed as a — wait for it — elevator factory in the late 19th century.

Imagine trying to bring a motorcycle into most other apartments and condos hereabouts, including many loft buildings.

condo for sale Fishtown warehouse loft foyer


This large apartment has room to show it off, and it sits between the living and dining rooms. You will have room to show off a similarly large and/or heavy object, too.

condo for sale Fishtown warehouse loft living room

Living room

The living room is part of a large, open main living area that has been divided to include a foyer and a den.

dining room

Dining room

The kitchen and dining room lie between the living room and the bedroom.



And while this unit lacks the private roof deck found in those other two, you will have access to a long balcony where you can set up a container garden.



Track-mounted doors cover the large walk-in closets in the bedroom and the laundry closet next to the kitchen.



But the best of these barn doors is the reclaimed one that covers the doorway to the bathroom in the main living area.



That bathroom has plenty of space as well — room enough for a double vanity — and a subway tile surround for its tub/shower combo.

On top of all this, this unique Fishtown warehouse loft condo for sale is located close to all the action in Fishtown. Frankford Avenue lies one block west of it. Turn left onto it from Wildey Street, walk about three more blocks, crossing under I-95 along the way, and you’re at the Fillmore, the Sugar House casino and the Delaware riverfront; turn right, walk one block, and you hit Girard Avenue, Fishtown’s bar- and shop-lined east-west (kinda-sorta) main drag. Cross Girard and keep walking and you land in the heart of Fishtown’s dining district along Frankford Avenue, plus more shops.

And when you want to get out of Fishtown, three SEPTA transit routes, including the Market-Frankford Line, run close by and can take you wherever you want to go.

So now that you have yet another opportunity to move into this personality-filled Fishtown condo building whose units are as individual as you are, don’t blow it this time.





SALE PRICE: $450,000

OTHER STUFF: A $400 per month condo fee covers building insurance and maintenance of the common areas.

1100 Shackamaxon St. #3F, Philadelphia, Pa. 19125 [Adam J. Baldwin and Jessica Carfagno | Compass]