How 6 Philadelphians Transformed Their WFH Spaces Into Actual Home Offices

Here’s how to carve out an at-home workspace that will help you stay on task — even on days when you never get out of your bathrobe.

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Journalist Errin Haines at her home office in Spring Garden. Read on for more home office ideas. Photograph by Rebecca McAlpin

Back when working from home was an occasional treat, it was fine to post up with your laptop on the living room sofa. Now, with some experts projecting that the trend will continue even post-pandemic, our new reality calls for a more permanent setup. Here’s how to carve out an at-home workspace that will help you stay on task — even on days when you never get out of your bathrobe.

How Journalist Errin Haines Turned Her Bedroom Wall Into a Makeshift TV Studio

Designer Chanae Richards of Oloro Interiors helped the MSNBC contributor get a camera-ready work-from-home space. Keep reading here.

An Interior Designer Turned Her Basement Into the Perfect Work-From-Home Space

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The glitzy chandelier, set on a dimmer, was original to the house. Gray repurposed it from the dining room. Mirrored closet doors serve two purposes: They reflect light back into the basement space and give it the illusion of being larger than it is. To make the space feel homey, Gray opted for dining chairs from Meridian Furniture instead of sterile office seating. The padded barrel backs provide additional comfort. Photograph by Rebecca McAlpin

Natural textures and layered light sources brighten Rasheeda Gray’s subterranean studio. Keep reading here.

An Interior Designer Turned This Spare Room into a Bright Home Office

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Windows that won’t be covered by blinds or shades can be UVA/UVB-treated to filter out harmful rays. The custom Gracewood Design canvas floorcloth is wax-coated so chair casters roll smoothly overtop. Photograph by Rebecca McAlpin

A new approach to an old greenhouse allowed designer Mona Ross Berman to take advantage of amazing natural light. Keep reading here.

This Smartly Designed Home Office Doubles as a Mudroom

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Not anchoring the desk to a wall gives the owner room to walk around while on the phone. And because it’s not on wheels, the chair can easily be pulled into the kitchen for additional dinner seating. Photograph by Raquel Langworthy

Design Manifest founder Naomi Stein helped a Penn Valley family turn this room into something multifunctional to meet all their needs. Keep reading here.

These Homeowners Created an Extra-Private Office Space With a Secret Bookshelf Entrance

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Computer monitors and TVs blend into the dark wall color when turned off, for a more seamless look. When styling open shelves, leave space between groupings so the eye has a chance to rest. Photograph by Rebecca McAlpin

Putting the office behind the built-ins allowed for extra soundproofing as well. Keep reading here.

This Built-From-Scratch Home Office Was Designed for the WFH Era

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The wood ceiling beams were salvaged from an old mill in Lancaster County. The desk has built-in wire management: Power cords run through one leg and down to the floor for an uninterrupted look. Task lighting should be placed anywhere you anticipate concentrating for long periods of time.

Soaring ceilings and homey accents made this new build cozy and comfortable for year-round work. Keep reading here.

Published as “The Art of the Home Office” in the December 2020 issue of Philadelphia magazine.