On the Market: Modern Medieval Manor in Gwynedd Valley

This Norman-inspired manse makes a great place for you to spend your middle ages. Or your kids their youth, or your parents their golden years with you.

Norman inspired custom house for sale

Check out this modern medieval manor inspired by Norman chateaux at 901 Forest Dr., Gwynedd Valley, Pa. 19437 | Bright MLS images via Compass

For nigh upon 40 years, historians, philosophers, prognosticators and assorted academics have prophesied that global society is headed towards a new Middle Ages, sometimes with alarm. Certainly the popularity of Gothic-tinged dramas like “Game of Thrones,” the rise of China and India as world powers on a plane with the United States, and even musical metaphors like Yo-Yo Ma’s “Silkroad” project suggest that we may indeed be going medieval once again.

But that doesn’t mean we will go back to total darkness at night save for candles, food cooked in iron pots over open flames, or oxcarts to deliver our orders from Amazon. If our medieval future has us living in houses like this new old house for sale in Gwynedd Valley, the next Dark Age will be a lot more comfortable than the last one, and with more and better lighting to boot.

gwynedd valley norman mansion

Great room

great room bar

Great room bar

This modern medieval manor for sale in Gwynedd Valley clearly takes lots of design cues from France and Britain in the 12th through 18th centuries. Architect Rene Hoffman’s design makes copious use of stone, brick arches, and rough-hewn beams fashioned by woodworker Jonathan Trueblood. Accompanying them are light fixtures inspired by the same era.

These elements take several of the rooms in this house back to the days of feudal lords.

noman-inspired mansion for sale in gwynedd valley home theater

Home theater

Some, like the basement home theater with its grist-mill wall decor, may remind you of the serfs who worked those lords’ fields instead.

norman-inspired custom mansion for sale in gwynedd valley dining room

Dining room

gwynedd valley norman mansion library


And other rooms, such as the dining room and library, hearken back to Regency England.

What gives away their modernity, however, is abundant windows everywhere. Large expanses of bay windows make some of those medieval rooms far brighter than they would have been in actual medieval times. Aren’t you glad glass is much cheaper than it was in even the 18th century?

gwynedd valley medieval manor kitchen and breakfast room

Kitchen and breakfast room

And there are plenty of other clues to let you know this 11-year-old house is actually a 21st-century work of art. No medieval kitchen would be so lavishly outfitted and equipped, for instance.

outdoor kitchen and living room

Outdoor kitchen and living room

Nor would one find an outdoor living room and kitchen outfitted like this one. And going back to that home theater, a medieval lord would have had to make do with court jesters rather than a huge projection screen.

master bedroom

Master bedroom

master bathroom

Master bathroom

With six bedrooms, including a baronial master suite with its own stone fireplace, you, your children and your guests should quickly feel to the manner born. And your elders can live a life of comfort as well in the accessory apartment over the garage — that is, unless you invite them into the main house and use the apartment for guests.

creek room

Creek Room

Okay, not every space in this custom mansion for sale takes you all the way back to the Norman Conquest. Some, like the Creek Room, blend traditional and contemporary design elements skillfully.

creek and driveway bridge

Bridge carrying driveway over the creek

But if you’re ready to “go medieval,” this modern Middle Ages masterpiece is ready for you. Just turn onto the driveway from Forest Drive, cross the moat — er, the creek — and you will have arrived at this up-to-date version of centuries gone by.



BATHS: 7 full, 1 half


SALE PRICE: $3,975,000

OTHER STUFF: In addition to the 4.1-acre lot containing this house, a separate 1.66-acre lot adjacent to it is also available for purchase and use for event parking or future development. This house’s sale price has been reduced twice, most recently by $875,000 on Jan. 13th.

901 Forest Dr., Gwynedd Valley, Pa. 19437 [Linda Gedney | Compass]