On the Rental Market: Live/Work Loft in Old City

Need a cool home to work out of? Try this high-ceilinged, very flexible apartment.

109-13 N. Orianna St. #1, Philadelphia, Pa. 19106 | Photos: Nella Genovese, MGC Real Estate Group

Live-work loft apartments are most closely associated with artists and craftspeople, but artists and craftspeople aren’t the only people who work where they live.

This apartment for rent in a former light industrial building in Old City has the bones of a workshop space and the polish of a professional office (there’s one of these for real located above this unit).

apartment for rent old city live work loft dining area and kitchen

Dining area and kitchen

The main living area is a single L-shaped open space. Carpet covers the living room/home office/study portion while the kitchen and dining area have the original concrete floor exposed.

There’s room to adapt this space to your needs simply by rearranging your furniture.

apartment for rent old city live work loft kitchen


That includes the kitchen island.

apartment for rent old city live work loft bedroom


The bedroom also has a carpeted floor but otherwise has the same industrial aesthetic.

As this apartment sits on one of those narrow cobblestone alleys you find scattered around Old City and Washington Square West, you can rest assured that Old City noise and crowds won’t disturb your work — or your sleep, not even on First Friday. Meanwhile, you can enjoy First Friday and everything else Old City has to offer whenever you feel like it.






109-13 N. Orianna St. #1, Philadelphia, Pa. 19106 [Nella Genovese | MGC Real Estate Group]