Hard Hat Tour: Lokal

What happens when you cross Airbnb with a traditional hotel? Take a look.

A model suite at Lokal. | Photos: Sandy Smith

A model suite at Lokal. | Photos: Sandy Smith

The PHLCVB, of course, wants you to Visit Philadelphia®.

The owners of Lokal, a new boutique hotel opening next month on North 3rd Street in Old City, wants you to see it like a native.

To help you do that, they’ve made themselves scarce and outfitted the suites so that you can settle in like a resident.

The six-unit hotel with a salon on the street floor is in the final stages of construction. Two model suites — a family-friendly two-bedroom and a one-bedroom — have been outfitted by the Jersey Ice Cream Company, the firm co-owners Chad and Courtney Ludeman hired to design the facility. (Yes, it’s an interior design firm. They don’t make ice cream at all.)

The suites are much like what you’d find at an extended-stay hotel, only with an industrial-chic aesthetic. Jersey Ice Cream incorporated found objects like old factory windows and wood planks into the units, each of which will have its own personality.

The service, on the other hand, is more like what you might get booking through Airbnb, only without any sign of an actual host. Lokal calls this “invisible service,” and the aim is to have you experience Philadelphia as a Philadelphian would. If you really want something like fresh towels every day or room service, there are apps for that (and an iPad equipped with them), but otherwise, don’t expect the turned-down-sheets-with-a-chocolate-on-your-pillow treatment here. A book will be your guide to the city.

Since what Lokal guests will get is in essence a furnished apartment to live in while they’re visiting, we thought we’d show you what they’ll look like along with the finishing touches being put on the other units. The hotel is now taking bookings for April and beyond.

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