Owner of Comcast Condos Revealed!

It's none other than Comcast's CEO.

We now know who owns those 45th-floor condos: Comcast's chief honcho.

We now know who owns those 45th-floor condos: Comcast’s chief honcho.

The one thing Natalie Kostelni, the Philadelphia Business Journal’s ace real estate reporter, couldn’t find out when she broke the news (paywall) that the new Comcast Technology Center will have three condominium residences this past Monday was the actual identity of the buyer of the units.

The Philadelphia Inquirer now has that information.

Jacob Adelman reports that the buyer is Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and his wife Aileen.

The report also cites an interview with Comcast Senior Executive Vice President David Cohen, in which he says that the units will be Four Seasons Residences, managed by the Four Seasons Hotel that will occupy the building’s top floors.

But will the Robertses live in one of the condos?

As they often say when no one knows the answer, “That’s a good question.”

Adelman’s story notes that prior to the purchase, the Robertses sold a 9,130-square-foot bilevel unit at 10 Rittenhouse to Firstrust Bank CEO Richard Green for $9.38 million. But the Robertses, who live in Chestnut Hill, never occupied that unit.

The three 45th-floor condos in the CTC have a total of 14,663 square feet of interior space, and the Robertses bought them for $14.3 million. The terms of sale prevent the units from being subdivided without the consent of all the owners, who may combine and redivide them, and they give Comcast right of first refusal over any potential occupant.

Since they’re all owned by the same people, that first restriction should not matter. And given the buyer, the company should have no worries on that last clause.

Kostelni’s report on the purchase notes that the condos had not been part of the original plans for the tower when they were publicly announced because the hotel portion of the project was still in the design stage.

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