Out-of-Town Developer Wants to Build Philly’s Biggest Nightclub in Chinatown

The would-be developer/impresario has zero prior experience at either, but he has a lot of his mom's money backing him. The neighbors are not amused.

A Night Market in Chinatown is one thing. A nightclub's quite another.

A Night Market in Chinatown is one thing. A nightclub’s quite another. The community welcomed this party, but it’s already mobilizing to fight the dance club proposal.

Philly’s nightclub scene is about to be lit. There’s a 24-year-old “developer” from out of town with his eyes set on Chinatown, the neighborhood that could soon be home to his vision of a 1,000-person capacity nightclub, what he deems would be the biggest and most technically sophisticated in the city, the Inquirer reports.

And he plans to do it all with his mom’s help.

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