Coming to Hawthorne: 48 New Condos

The 2- and 3-bedroom units at Garden Square will be ready for move-in by year's end.

Architect's rendering of Garden Square courtyard | JKRP Architects

Architect’s rendering of Garden Square courtyard | JKRP Architects

Work will commence next month on a 48-unit courtyard condominium development called Garden Square on the 700 block of South 12th Street in Hawthorne.

Designed by JKRP Architects and being built by the Center City Development Group in conjunction with Noah Ostroff, Garden Square will consist of 36 two-bedroom, two-bath units and 12 three-bedroom, three-bath units. [Full disclosure: I used to edit Ostroff’s real estate blog.]

The “garden” in Garden Square’s name refers to the landscaped courtyard that occupies the space between the two rows of six four-story buildings. Each of the buildings will contain four units; the building exteriors overlap with dark projecting window bays to form a unified whole.

The first-floor units will be bi-level units with three bedrooms on the basement level. The remaining units are all two-bedroom units on one floor, with roof decks included with the fourth-floor units.

Work on the project should start within 45 days and finish by the end of the year. Prices start at approximately $389,000 for the two-bedroom units and $450,000 for the three-bedroom units. The renderings below give you an idea of the units’ contemporary style.