The Logan Hotel: 5 Things You Need To Know About Philly’s New Luxury Lodge

The Logan Hotel officially opens to the public today. We got a sneak peek to see what's new inside the former Four Seasons.

The Commons at the Logan

The Commons at the Logan

We hopped on a brief property tour of the Logan hotel this week (along with our pals at Foobooz) to see what guests can expect from Philly’s new luxury lodge. As you know, it officially opens today, and will replace the venerable Four Seasons at the iconic location on Logan Square.

Here are five things that stood out during the tour:

New Indoor Spaces to Eat, Drink and Hang Out

As Foobooz noted yesterday, The Commons is a new bar/lounge area in the main lobby. It’s filled with multiple places to chill out and have a drink, but it’s also connected to the rest of the first floor for those of us that like to wander. Nearby spaces include the Logan Square side of the building, One Logan’s fabulous outdoor courtyard and a new secluded space called The Library, which will feature a fireplace and a pool table. The hotel’s new restaurant, Urban Farmer, has a big bar and more than a few areas to grab a drink and a bite.

New Outdoor Spaces to Eat, Drink and Hang Out

One of the more striking aspects of the tour was the attention paid to how the public will interact with the hotel’s many new and existing outdoor spaces.

The Urban Farmer will have outdoor seating on the parkway overlooking Logan Square. The interior courtyard will be opened up into an “outdoor living room” for guests and visitors alike and the icing on the cake is The Assembly, a rooftop veranda with skyline and Parkway views that is meant to be the place to meet for drinks. A rep tells us that it will never be closed for an event, as there is plenty of space to accommodate both private parties and the public’s thirst for incredible outdoor spaces. The Assembly will be open in April.

Art Abounds

There are over 1,800 pieces of custom-made art inside the Logan hotel, all of it from local artists. Guests will be greeting by a huge Portrait Chandelier that features over 300 images of prominent Philadelphians. The hotel will eventually feature a self-guided tour of their collection, and seeks to be a destination for art lovers at the beginning of the Museum District.

Well Appointed Rooms

The north-facing rooms have quite a view.

The north-facing rooms have quite a view.

There are now 391 rooms inside the new Logan hotel, 64 of which are suites. What’s kind of cool is that at 400-square-feet each, they’re all the same size, but the difference in price comes into play depending on your view. The room we toured had a stunning look straight down at Swann Fountain and the Parkway, so we’d imagine that one is a little higher on the cost scale.

A clean, crisp look is found through the space, including modern furniture, more original art pieces and a Rocky-style bathrobe.

A Comfortable, Yet Stylish Redesign

A few of the chairs in the lobby.

A few of the chairs in the lobby.

Bathed in a blend of soothing grays, wood grains and stone, the Logan just has a completely different and refreshing feel than the Four Seasons had to it. The design is more open and encouraging to those who want to venture in from the street for a drink, especially with the upcoming Urban Farmer restaurant and The Assembly.

With a blend of classic and modern styles, the furniture is an intriguing change of pace for the hotel scene, and seemingly invites you to give it a try. Don’t like the modernist plush-lined cube at The Commons? Come, try this handsome winged backed leather ditty while you sip on a $12 cocktail (seriously, there are probably 20 different styles of chairs in the hotel).