The Deadline to Save the SS United States Has Passed

The SS United States Conservancy will meet this week to discuss the future of the once proud oceanliner.

USS United States | Photo by Arthur Etchells

USS United States | Photo by Arthur Etchells

It looks as though the future of the SS United States is in a little bit of a holding pattern, as the SS United States Conservancy’s self-imposed deadline of October 31 has officially come and gone. So what’s next for America’s Flagship?

“The Conservancy’s Board will convene this week to assess our current situation from a financial, redevelopment and broker standpoint,” the Conservancy announced in a press release. “At that time, we will be able to provide a more concrete update about the immediate future of the ship.”

“Urgent discussions” are continuing with the ship’s possible redevelopment, including a proposal for a massive mixed-use site with office and entertainment space at the Gowanus Bay Terminal in Brooklyn, and an undisclosed plan in New York. The Big Apple is said to have the right amount of density and capital to make any redevelopment plans viable.

The Conservancy also announced that they have raised $100,000 “from supporters from across the country and around the world” looking to save the SS United States. Previous reports said that a decision could be expected by “early November.”