The Best Home Repair and Help in Philadelphia

Check out our home-related Best of Philly winners!

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Sometimes, you just need some help. As difficult it may be for some of us to reach out for a hand, it’s even tougher to find the right person for the job. Don’t worry, folks. We’ve compiled our list of best home repair and help from our 2015 Best of Philly winners.

On-Demand Mover

Philly Van Man: James Harvey — a.k.a. the Philly Van Man — isn’t a mover in the traditional sense. He’s more like a friend who’s always available to help you schlep your heavy stuff from one place to another — a friend who’s so good at it, so careful and reliable, that he’s actually the first-choice mover for several Philly antiques shops. Harvey can often squeeze in next-week (or even next-day!) moves — just call or text him. 484-483-5826 – Website

Urban Gardening

Greensgrow: The nursery at the Kensington outpost of this urban-gardening nonprofit has the easiest-ever way to add some life to your window box or curb: Just drop off your containers in late winter, and Greensgrow experts do all the planting, watering, pruning, babying and coddling until Mother’s Day, when you pick them up and put them out for your neighbors to envy. 2501 East Cumberland Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215-427-2702 – Website

Sidewalk Repair

Always Safe SidewalksRather than tearing up your buckled old sidewalk and laying down new concrete, these guys use specialized patented saws to seamlessly shave down and level out your walk — a process that saves you cash, time … maybe even a lawsuit. 267-228-3421 – Website

Green Housecleaners

New Leaf Cleaning Co.:This tiny team of Philly-based all-natural cleaners is polite, communicative, and so committed to your total satisfaction that members practically beg you to critique their work, then keep scrubbing until you give the thumbs-up. They’ll also do your dishes and laundry at no extra charge, if you ask. 267-928-2373 – Website

Plumber for Old Homes

East Falls Plumbing & Heating: In Philly, if you live in anything other than a new-construction home, you’ve probably got old pipes — and that means you should know about Bill Bierman, owner of East Falls Plumbing & Heating. He’s a master plumber who specializes in systems that have been on this earth longer than you, possibly even longer than your parents or their parents or … well, you get the idea. 3431 West Commissioner Street, Philadelphia, PA  215-779-5731

General Contractor for City Homes

Myers Constructs, Inc.: Tamara Myers holds a BFA from Temple and Diane Menke has done museum-quality restorations of paintings and furniture — so it’s no surprise this contracting duo uses an artist’s eye to renovate handsome (and complex) historic city homes, all with an emphasis on sustainability. 70 East Coulter Street, Philadelphia, PA 215-438-6696 – Website

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