It’s Official: PSFS Sign Expected to Go LED by End of This Year

This iconic sign will remain, but will get new LED bulbs, says a spokesperson.

The first International Style building in the US. #PSFS #philly

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Don’t worry, we’re not in for a PNB sign-esque goodbye.

PlanPhilly’s Ashley Hahn reports the Philadelphia Historical Commission has given the okay to convert the iconic PSFS sign atop the Loews Philadelphia Hotel from neon “to a Light Emitting Diodes (LED) system.” The news comes to us months after the Commission’s Architectural Committee voted for a resounding “no” when it came to the proposed neon-to-LED switch.

For those who thought the entire sign was being replaced, don’t fret! According to a hotel spokesperson, the PSFS sign will not be removed, but will simply have its neon lighting replaced with LED bulbs. The move, he told us, is part of a larger project to make the Loews more energy efficient. In fact, the project’s first phase is taking place in the building’s interior, where “over a half a million” in work will be done.

The LED change is anticipated by the end of the fourth quarter, said the spokesperson.