The Power Went Out in Claude Giroux’s Building Over the Weekend

10 Rittenhouse had some issues this holiday weekend.

10 Rittenhouse

10 Rittenhouse | Image: Google Street View

The power went out at 10 Rittenhouse over the weekend, leaving residents who stayed in town for the holiday without electricity for around 35 hours or so.

According to The Inquirer, the outage occurred around noon on Sunday and PECO blames an “underground cable problem” for the issues. KYW reports that the power was restored around 11 p.m. Monday night. So yes, even people that live in incredibly-priced condos right on Rittenhouse Square are subject to Philadelphia’s unpredictable infrastructure, including Claude Giroux.

KYW reported early Monday that residents were without more than just their air conditioning: “The power outage left the building, overlooking Rittenhouse Square, without power, water, and most of its elevator service.” Nearby businesses were impacted as well, including Serafina.