You’ll Never Guess What the Seller is Throwing Into a Deal for Center City Penthouse

It rhymes with Furcedes Penz.

Symphony House Philadelphia

All images by TREND via Redfin/Realhome Services and Solutions

Buying a home can certainly come with its perks. Say for instance, you like some of the furniture or need a lawnmower. Oftentimes, you can work that into the deal. But have you ever had the audacity to ask the seller for their brand new 2015 Mercedes Benz? Well, now you don’t even have to go through the awkward power play!

The seller of this penthouse at Symphony House will straight up give you the keys to a luxury car, provided you pay the near-$4.3 million asking price for the condo that boasts panoramic views of the city. This is right from the listing:

“Free brand new 2015 Mercedes can be yours with the purchase of this fabulous penthouse located in the heart of Center City … Only serious buyers with appropriate financial credentials will be considered. Mercedes offered at current listing price only.”

This place may look a tad familiar to you faithful readers of PropertyWe featured it back in June when it was listed at a cool $5,025,000–so you’re getting quite a hefty price cut and a Mercedes Benz. For the price, you’ll get over 1,000-square-feet of outdoor space, skyline views, a doggy penthouse run (yes, for real) and even two parking spaces–a must now that you’ll have a new car.

Beds: 4
Baths: 4/1
Square Feet: 4,569
Price: $4,249,999
Additional Info: We don’t know if you saw, but the owners are giving away a FREE MERCEDES BENZ with the purchase. HOA Fees are $3,950/month.

440 S BROAD St #3001 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19146 [Redfin/Realhome Services and Solutions]