Bart Blatstein To Present Pier Shops Plans Wednesday

Philly's Bart Blatstein has his sights set on a new place: Atlantic City. He'll unveil his plans for a pier on the boardwalk next week.

Pier Shops escalator

The late Mitch Hedberg would not be happy with this sign. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

As we reported on Tuesday, Bart Blatstein has settled his legal dispute with Caesars and his plan for the Pier Shops is back on.

Blatstein’s press person sent out a release this morning with details on his announcement for the Pier Shops at Caesars. Blatstein has grand plans for the mall, so the all-caps subject line was warranted: “BART BLATSTEIN TO UNVEIL DRAMATIC REDEVELOPMENT PLANS FOR THE PIER AT CAESAR’S – MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1st AT 12 NOON IN ATLANTIC CITY.”

Blatstein told merchants earlier this week he’d settled his dispute with Caesars. And Caesars Atlantic City Vice President Kevin Ortzman is scheduled to be at his press event Tuesday, so apparently there are no hard feelings. Casino architect Paul Steelman, who is working with Tower Investments on the project, will also be there. Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian is also scheduled to be at the presser.

The mall, built in 2006, was originally valued at $200 million. Blatstein got it for $2.7 million. We ran a brief history of the Pier Shops earlier this year.