Neighborhood Group Opts to Not Fight Little Pete’s Demolition

"We still have to get an agreement signed, but everyone's basically optimistic."

Hudson Hotel and Little Pete's

The Inquirer‘s Joseph DiStefano reports a Wednesday night vote among the Center City Residents Association ended in favor of not opposing a proposed rezoning ordinance that would allow for the beloved Little Pete’s diner to be demolished. Sorry Little Pete’s fans!

But while this may come as a blow to die hard fans of the greasy spoon,  at this point it’s probably safe to say that all the hubbub–even John Hodgman had something to say about it— surrounding Little Pete’s having to eventually leave its long-established spot at 17th and Chancellor has finally died down. We kind of figured that from last month’s public meeting about it when parking, not saving Little Pete’s, emerged as the salient issue.

Now the $125 million Hudson Hotel development doesn’t seem like such a threat, as developer Chancellor Hotel Associates LP complied with the group’s request for an independent third-party neighborhood impact study by Econsult Solutions.

According to DiStefano, the CCRA board feels they made the right decision:

“That’s basically right,” confirmed CCRA executive director Steve Huntington. “We still have to get an agreement signed, but everyone’s basically optimistic.”

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