Chestnut Hill’s Skyspace Will Be Open on Valentine’s Day

Photo credit: Flickr user camera_obscura

Photo credit: Flickr user camera_obscura

Here’s an unorthodox (but still good vibes-inducing) idea for February 14th: go to Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting’s Skyspace for a relaxing view of the sky at dusk.

If you’ve never been, here’s how Liz Spikol describes her first experience at the Skyspace:

This morning, for example, there was a sunrise viewing. Visitors (myself included) lay down on the floor in sleeping bags or on the pews with blankets looking up at the ceiling. A square in the ceiling was revealed — a skylight without any glass — so that the cold air came in and we were looking directly at a fragment of sky. That fragment changed colors from bright blue to deep green to yellow to almost white — not because the color of the sky was changing, but because of the shifting colored light projected onto the walls around the skylight. Picture the Rothko Chapel if the paintings kept changing colors as the sun rose.

Of course, the Valentine’s Day Skyspace event is scheduled for 5:35pm, but we’re guessing it’s not so different from a morning viewing.

WHAT: Skyspace at Chestnut Hill Friends
WHEN: Saturday, February 14th, 5:35pm (arrive 15 minutes early to get a good spot!)
WHERE: Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting, 20 East Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19118
REGISTER: Free, but registration is required and donations are accepted