Philadelphia Commuting Patterns Show a Minor Sway in the Balance

Screenshot of a new commuting map from

Screenshot of a new commuting map from

Could we be bike lanes away from turning Philadelphia into a full on bike-to-work city? Over half of Philly commuters still opt to take the car instead of SEPTA or a bike when it comes to going to work, but that’s not to say the balance isn’t swaying even just a little, according to Patrick Kerkstra over at Citified:

Philly is growing less reliant on car commuting, however. The city estimates that total vehicle miles traveled in Philadelphia declined 8.6 percent between 2005 and 2014. SEPTA ridership dipped slightly last year, but it’s still at strong levels compared to the past.

We highly recommend you read his full post (link below), which also takes a look at how the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is making strides in the biking to work department.

Philadelphia Commuters Are Slowly, Slowly Giving Up Their Cars [Citified]