Meanwhile, In Real Estate Fashion News: Wear Your Neighborhood to Work

Prices are in the $45-$75 range.

Photo credit: Flickr user else1124 (Philadelphia skyline) and Monochrome (map-print pencil skirts).

Photo credit: Flickr user else1124 (Philadelphia skyline) and monochōme website (map-print pencil skirts).

City boosters, neighborhood patrons and, of course, real estate agents, this might be of some interest to you: monochōme, a project CityLab says was started by data visualization specialist Rachel Binx, allows you to put a map print of your chosen city/neighborhood on a t-shirt, flare skirt, tank top or pencil skirt.

Just type in your address, crop the area you want to wear, select the map style you prefer and choose which article of clothing you want it on. The catch is that Binx uses data from OpenStreetMap to get a visual of the neighborhood you picked, so not every ‘hood is included.

Yes, Please: Customizable Map-Print Clothing [CityLab]