Federico Babina Made Cool Illustrations By Mixing Popular Architects and Artwork

The artist did a series on imagined artist/architect collaborations.

Artwork by Federico Babina via Arch Daily.

Artwork by Federico Babina via Arch Daily.

ArchDaily brought this visual treat to our attention and we love it: artist Federico Babina (whose work is frequently featured on the architecture website) recently did a series called ARTISTECT in which he takes recognizable paintings by notable artists and, in his words, “reinterpret[s]” them “using a brush soaked in architectural tints.”

The twenty-five illustrations in the project are meant, Babina says, as stand-ins for “an imagined and imaginary dialogue between creative minds,” and he makes a point to focus on the “probable and improbable connections between forms of expression and aesthetic languages sometimes distant and sometimes very close.”

ArchDaily has the rest of the images, which include Frank Gehry partnered with Georges Braque, a Richard Neutra-David Hockney pairing, and a collaboration between Louis Kahn and Paul Klee, among others.

ARTISTECT: Famous Paintings With An Architectural Twist [ArchDaily]