Design for New South Philadelphia Pier Park Released

On Thursday the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation released the designs of the new park planned for Pier 68 in Pennsport. The pier is located behind the big box complex that includes the Walmart and Home Depot in South Philadelphia.

The pier will serve as the trailhead of the Central Delaware trail, which is currently being constructed in pieces from Pier 70 Boulevard all the way to Penn Treaty Park in Fishtown. “Piece by piece, we are building the framework for long-term public access and high quality parks and trails along the Delaware River,” Mayor Michael Nutter said.

Studio Bryan Hanes did the design of Pier 68. According to a release, the amenities include:

  • An entrance deck with wood paving, seating, and site furnishings that register water elevation. Located just off the future Central Delaware trail extension, this space will serve as a resting spot for those using the trail and as a place where shopping center visitors can quickly experience the Pier Park.
  • A collection of native trees that begin to conceal the parking lot and traffic to the west. These trees will serve as a threshold, marking that visitors have crossed into a new riverside environment.
  • A Picnic Grove where a gravel walking surface and a combination of furnishings and trees will create a space to rest and enjoy the shade.
  • A 4.5’ deep aquatic cut into the pier surface allowing water to filter up through the lower wood deck and reveal the semidiurnal tidal activity of the Delaware River. Filled with native, aquatic plants, and crossed with a simple rope and cable bridge structure, this space will become a focal point for educators and curious visitors. Students will have the opportunity to observe and learn about the Delaware’s changes in water elevation and what this means for vegetation, fish and wildlife populations.
  • An angled lawn for lounging and sun-bathing accompanied by a long linear bench for seating.
  • A water-side walk and the open pier terminus will support a variety of events and activities such as recreational fishing or gathering to watch holiday fireworks.

The mayor said the fishing pier and wetlands park is scheduled to open next year.