Here’s the Latest on the So-Called Fergie Tower

The Goldenberg Group is now involved, and a different architect published new renderings.

A new rendering of the proposed tower at 1213 Walnut St

A new rendering of the proposed tower, courtesy of Skyscraper Page

Last time we checked in on the tower planned for 12th and Sansom, developer U3 Ventures, working with Ten Arquitectos, had emerged pretty much victorious from a legal mess stemming from neighborhood opposition to their project. Now we’ve gotten word that Goldenberg Group is working on the project as well, and a new architecture firm, Baltimore’s Design Collective, has been brought onboard to provide a new design.

In November, a rumor that Goldenberg had taken over the project from U3 began circulating on the Skyscraper Page forums. Seems as though that’s not quite true. U3 Ventures tells us they’re still a partner in the project, while a publicist for Goldenberg says, “The Goldenberg Group has been working on a multi-family high-rise development at this location, but it’s premature to release any details.”

Design Collective posted the new tower renderings to their website, but have since removed them. Along with the renderings, they wrote that they were working with Goldenberg as well as the Houston-based developer Hines. Hines hasn’t yet gotten back to us about their role in the project; we’ll update when they do.

It’s been reported that preliminary site work began a few months ago, but U3 told us that isn’t the case and they’re not sure when construction will begin.

Here are two of the new renderings, both courtesy of Skyscraper Page:

(Yes, Bistro is spelled wrong there.)