Weber’s Drive-In With Sputnik Rooftop Ball Scheduled for Auction


On the market for nostalgia? Big fan of mini golf (to the tune of two full 18-hole courses)? Perhaps you might be interested in a $750,000 investment in Brooklawn, New Jersey.

Weber’s Drive-In, aka Weber’s Famous Root Beer — a New Jersey roadside staple since the 1950s — has closed its Brooklawn location. It was one of three left in New Jersey, and four left in the U.S., all of which are independently owned. There is varying adherence to the Weber’s traditions: “lights on for service,” root beer on tap, a “car hop” who brings the food on a tray that hooks onto the side of the car. One thing that’s gone for good — car hops on roller skates.

Roadside Architecture had this to say about the Brooklawn Weber’s:

The Brooklawn location opened in the early 1950s, making it the oldest of the NJ survivors. This stand features a rooftop ball sign with flashing lights. Sputnik, the Russian satellite, was launched in 1957 and may have been the inspiration for these signs… This location also features a mini golf course which was built when the place opened.

The Brooklawn site is scheduled for auction at high noon on Friday, April 11 at 938 Arch Street. Interested parties are invited to an open house on-site from noon to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 8. Buyers and brokers must register by the same date. The property, which can be split into two separate lots or bought together for 289 foot frontage, is being sold as is with a 35-day closing and no contingency.

Not to worry: You can still get a pork roll sandwich and a black cow shake at the Pennsauken location just over the bridge or at Stratford.

Listing: 310 Crescent Blvd., Rte. 130, Brooklawn, NJ 08030