Streets Dept Announces TEDx Walk

"The Street Art Workshop of the World."

Photo credit: Streets Dept.

Photo credit: Streets Dept.

Exciting news! In conjunction with TEDxPhiladelphia 2014, Conrad Benner — creator of the street art blog Streets Dept and Property contributor– will be hosting a TEDx walk on Saturday, March 29th.

The tour, which will focus on the city’s public artwork, will highlight everything from commissioned murals to graffiti. It will start in Midtown Village and end in Fishtown with an El trip in between (ticket info below).

Up until the mid 20th century, Philadelphia had a nickname other than “the City of Brotherly Love.” Bubbling with entrepreneurs, thinkers, and creators, the country’s first capital was called “the New Workshop of the World” and was an innovation hub. Today, the city is starting to take back its former nickname, which is why TEDxPhilly has adopted the title as the theme for this year’s conference.

TEDx Walk: “The Street Art WorkShop of the World”
Saturday March 29, 11:00am-12:30pm.
Tickets can be bought here.

Announcing ‘The Street Art Workshop of the World’ TEDx Walk: Presented by Streets Dept and TEDxPhiladelphia [Streets Dept]