“Still Handsome” Steve Burke Gets the RealEstalker Treatment

NBC Universal's CEO has hit the gossipy big time with his Delancey Street house on the market.

The Burkes’ new home in Brentwood, purchased for around $8 million.

RealEstalker, the celebrity-gossip real estate website, recently dished the property dirt on NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke (formerly Comcast’s COO), whose Delancey Street home is for sale for $5.2 million, which RealEstalker notes is on the market.

In addition to the home for sale at 1817 Delancey, Burke just spent $8.7 million on a mansion in L.A. (that’s in addition to another home he has there). He also owns a large New York condo, which is actually three units turned into one, for which he paid a total of $16.5 million.

According to “Your Mama” (the Blanche DuBois-like narrator of RealEstalker), Burke is going take a wallet-thumpin’ hit on the Philadelphia home, which he purchased in August 2010 for $5.85 million.

“It was, according to local property gossips, the most ever paid for such a property in downtown Philadelphia….With it’s current $5.2 million asking price, the West Coast-bound Burkes stand to loose a good-sized bundle of money, even if they manage to pull in a full price buyer. Indeed, as per Your Mama’s bejeweled abacus, Mister and Missus Burke are looking at a bank account brutalizing $650,000 loss, not counting carrying costs, improvement expenses, and real estate fees.

The good news? Your Mama describes the house without too much snark, and outright praises one of its amenities:

Think about how desirable an attached two-car garage in the middle of downtown Philadelphia is to a wealthy, city-dwelling Philadelphian who prefers their own Mercedes or Maserati to the SEPTA.

“The” SEPTA. That’s sort of cute.

Speaking of cute, Your Mama describes Burke as “still handsome in that clean-cut middle-aged former frat guy sort of way.” Here’s a link to a recent photo in case you’d like to consider that description.

Showbiz Exec Steve Burke Buys In L.A., Lists in P.A., and Holds in N.Y.C. [RealEstalker]
• Listing: 1817 Delancey Street, Philadelphia PA