“Realtors Who Just Happen to Be Ridiculously Good Looking”

Unsurprisingly, that's a Facebook page -- with only two people from the Greater Philly area.

Do you know of any real estate agents who happen to be ridiculously good-looking? If the answer is yes, we suggest you recommend them to the aptly named Realtors Who Just Happen to Be Ridiculously Good Looking, a Facebook page dedicated to the more beguiling real estate agents.

But the majority of these “sexy realtors” are from Florida, specifically Miami. Above are the only two ladies who rep PA: Jennifer Aviles (left) of Allentown has at least three photos in one album (see if you can spot the other two). Meanwhile, Kristin Ray Cecchi (right) hails from York, PA and has the top spot under the “SEXY REALTORS” photo album.