Afternoon Obsession: (Walter) White Phillies Home Jersey

White Phillies home jersey

White Phillies home jersey

Four days ago a certain deleted scene from Breaking Bad was launched into the Twittersphere, resulting in Philly fans of the show feeling over the moon. The polarizing tweet?

“Unused scene where Walt became Phillies fan, but we realized that would make him too unlikable.”

Thomas Schnauz's photo of Breaking Bad deleted scene via Twitter

Thomas Schnauz’s photo of Breaking Bad deleted scene via Twitter

Zinger aside, this image is gold. Antihero Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, stands menacingly while sporting a white Phillies home replica jersey (perhaps he’s pondering the Phillies’ last season?).

Seeing as how “this man is quickly approaching  deity status” we thought emulating Walter’s style would be on fans’ to-do list. Luckily, the Philly Team Store sells the same replica jerseys on their website. You’re welcome.