Top o’ the Mornin’ Headlines: Main Line’s Ardrossan Gets Approval From Township

It’s been a long battle, soldiers, but at long last Radnor Township has ruled on of part of the famous Ardrossan estate — late of The Philadelphia Story, late of Hope Montgomery Scott, late of civil conversation during many drawn-out meetings. Scott family heir Edward Scott III’s plans for development of the Ardrossan chunk in question — in the form of 62 homes at Ardrossan Farm — will, subsequent to this approval, move on to the next step: a hearing with a hearing officer, because there’s nothing like another hearing to get things done.

The Township Board has become progressively more flexible on the topic because of its plan to buy some of the Farm’s land and preserve it as green space. For more on the conditions the Township put on Scott, read this article at the Main Line Times.

And now, for other news…

• Natalie Kostelni of the Philadephia Business Journal reports that 1500 Spring Garden Street is currently under agreement for an estimated $185 million. The buyer? Probably not you.
• City Controller Alan Butkovitz — he’s just like us! After being told by neighbors that there was a dangerous building in North Philadelphia, Butkovitz picked up the phone and dialed 911 like an average person in danger. And guess what? Fire and Police quickly came out to have a look. In other words, he’s not just like us.
Amtrak is looking for a master plan — whatchoo got? “Amtrak is seeking redevelopment plans for 30th Street Station and the surrounding area, including the potentially lucrative air rights above the rail yards adjacent to the station.”
• Get psyched: DesignPhiladelphia kicks off this week, and CBS 3 has an interview with its guiding light, Hilary Jay