Brewerytown Renaissance Update: Will the Neighborhood Get a Vinyl Shop?

brewerytown beats
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Brewerytown’s evolution continues apace with last week’s opening of Shifty’s Taco (odd name, that) at 27th and Girard. Jeb Woody, owner of Honey’s Sit N Eat, is a partner in the business, which gives it immediate street cred among Girard Avenue’s other relatively new Brewerytown-renaissance evangelists: Mugshots, Ryebrew, Best in Show Grooming, Icy Signs, Chicken Master and MM Partners.

Now comes Peter Maxwell Ochester, a Brewerytown resident who spent the past 20 years traveling cross-country collecting records–as in, vinyl LPs–and who now wants share his haul with others. “The dream,” he writes on the page he launched this week, “is turning into a brick and mortar vinyl shop.”

The dream’s arrival at reality will require some cash, though, so Ochester is asking for $7,500 via crowd funding (tally so far: $100). As with Kickstarter and other crowdfunding tools, gofundme rewards investment, so those who donate $500 or more will be entitled to make Ochester’s life miserable for years to come:

This level entitles you to call me day or night, with any and all music related questions. I will try my best to answer. As well as a lifetime 25% discount.

The store will be called BrewerytownBeats.

BrewerytownBeats Vinyl Shop [gofundme]