Afternoon Obsession: Doors of Chestnut Hill


A couple of weeks ago, I posted the Doors of Fairmount, detailing the long-established Doors of Dublin poster’s potential influence on local artist Allison Ostertag. However, I seem to have done an injustice to the Doors of Chestnut Hill, which have graced their homes well under my radar.

Artist Lesley Haas, who grew up in Philadelphia and lived in Germany off and on before returning to Philly in 2006, compiles 25 colorful and eccentric doors of Chestnut Hill. Though the doors of Fairmount are just as colorful, they are more square and more narrow compared to Chestnut Hill’s round and wide portals.

There’s something particularly inviting and fantastical about the doors, making me all the more curious about what lies within.