Selling Your Home? Advice from the Pros.

Tips for Selling Your Home

The 2008 economic downturn made things a little tougher for people selling their home, but most experts agree, that the tide is turning—the pendulum is swinging back towards a seller’s market. We’ve talked to local agents for advice for seller’s on getting their homes sold, and sold quickly, in today’s market.

“I’ve been recommending this for years now: Before you put your home on the market, do a presale inspection. Find out what issues may affect the sale of your house. Our biggest problem in getting to settlement is the home inspection process, what home inspectors find out. That’s the biggest reason deals fall apart.”—Eric Braunstein, New Castle

“Don’t compare yourself to homes that aren’t in your market—if you’re not in Radnor, don’t compare your home prices in Radnor. Look at what’s selling in your neighborhood, and compare your home to it. Homes that are priced right have been going in bidding wars, some of them above asking price.”—Olivia Boswell, Chester County

“More sellers understand when their house goes on the market it has to be in better condition. You need to make a good first impression, and that starts curb appeal including the front door. Inside must be uncluttered.  Buyers now are more demanding, wanting a move-in condition home.  Fewer people are willing to put in the effort and energy that goes into fixing a house up.  The paint colors might not be the ones the buyers like, but they won’t need to paint. They can paint rather than have to paint.”—Tom Lowy , Main Line

“Buyers are looking for location and price, but they’re also looking for the condition of the home. There’s a whole generation raised on home-buying shows, so they know what to look for when they go in. If your kitchen hasn’t been updated in years, have a conversation with your realtor to decide if you should invest the $10,000 for upgrades or sell it as is. You also have to declutter. Start packing boxes and clear out the stuff you can live without. Touch up the paint and buy a few Magic Erasers to remove any fingerprints or marks on the wall. It takes a lot of effort to get a home prepared.”—Sheri Smith, Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties

I think pictures are paramount. We use professionally quality HD photos and always make sure that the pictures show clean, bright, uncluttered spaces. Quality pictures are important because I’m going to put them on the MLS and they’re going to syndicate out to hundreds of websites.  Every property is a little different but generally photos should be taken during the daytime unless the nighttime views are exceptional. —Frank DeFazio, Philadelphia