Property’s Morning Obsession: An Absurdly Self-Defeating Union Protest

Let’s start the morning with a fun juxtaposition. In the photo above, there’s a union protester handing out fliers in front of the Federal Donuts on Sansom Street to alert patrons to the founding owner’s sometimes-employment of non-union labor. Just a few feet from the protester is a large sign that reads: “FEDERAL DONUTS: PROUDLY BUILT WITH 100 PERCENT UNION LABOR.”

The photographer who took the shot prefers to remain anonymous, for fear of retribution. But we’ll happily give the building trades some advice on this one: If you want to protest a company for labor practices, best to do so farther away from a site your members actually built. Oh, and watch out for those pro-labor signs. Juxtapositions can be a bitch.