Cool Front Doors that Make a Good First Impression

Remodeling Inspiration: Cool Front Doors

It’s easy to give guests (or potential buyers) a fabulous first impression of your home with a cool front door. The door, after all, can color a person’s opinion of your property before they’ve even stepped inside.

A front door has a critical function in a house—it protects homeowners from the elements and unwanted visitors—but it can still be pretty. These days doors come in plenty of different sizes, colors and styles, and can easily reflect your personal design preference—say cool, modern metal doors, bright and open glass doors, oversized, dramatic wood doors or funky, brightly colored painted doors.

If you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your home and give it a new, fresh personality, consider remaking your front door—either through a simple renovation or a total remodel.

Looking for a little inspiration? Here are some doors to get you thinking.