New Website HomeJab Serves As Hub for Property Videos That Aren’t Terrible

The name may recall the online greeting card company JibJab, but HomeJab has a more serious purpose. Cousins Joe and Chris Jesuele have started a business together that provides real estate agents with an online hub for professionally produced property videos. Though neither of them would put it this way, most YouTube real estate videos are pretty terrible–grainy, shaky, with awful music and camerawork that makes it hard to get a sense of the property. Yet many realtors will tell you video is a key part of their marketing, even if they just repost photographs in a video format.

Enter the cousins, whose family has real estate in the blood. Chris’ grandfather from Italy was a homebuilder, Joe’s grandfather built houses, and Chris’ dad is a real estate investor. They started building houses five years ago in Northern Liberties and found that video worked wonders, even during the recession. In fact, they ended up selling every house they built in less than 60 days.

But the process made them realize there was no website that offered information about properties–a map, price, the agent, similar homes–along with quality property videos. “The vision was to have one site where all real estate agents can upload videos and the consumers can have a one-stop shop to find all of them,” says Chris Jesuele. “We envisioned the website like a shopping mall, where each store benefits from the traffic of the other stores.”

And the videos are made by professional videographers rather than the agents themselves. That matters to Chris.”Right now,” he explains, “many videographers are only working on projects like wedding videos, club events, and various interviews. Our goal is to get them advertising themselves as real estate videographers with as the hub for their videos to go display.”

As for the accompanying music in the videos, well, copyright prevents any video from using songs that are actually any good. But rather than a dirge-like Moonlight Sonata to go with an Old City condo, Chris says, “I’d refer to HomeJab¹s music as more energetic, trendy elevator music.”

See for yourself in a recent example of HomeJab’s handiwork.