Finally: The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Has a New Website

Congratulations to Emma Fried-Cassorla and team (was there a team? Or was it just Emma, bleary-eyed, on the phone with designer/developer P’unk Ave deep into the night[s]?) for the new Delaware River Waterfront Corporation website, which finally provides information in truly legible fashion (and is also very clean and pretty). Previously, it was a confusing mess within an unfortunate theme-park aesthetic.

Normally, a new website wouldn’t be cause for much fuss, but this is actually important. The riverfront is increasingly a locus of activity and economic development in Philly; in fact, it’s probably the section of the city that’s undergoing the most dramatic transformation. When complete, it’ll be a change as comprehensive as the Navy Yard or Northern Liberties.

Philadelphia will ultimately have a thriving waterfront connected to the city–one with retail, restaurants, attractions, apartments, outdoor activities–a destination, in other words, rather than an afterthought. But it’s hard to make such grand change without public involvement, and it’s hard to get civic buy-in without an informed populace. That’s what this terrific new website does really well: It presents information in a clear way.

Here’s how the website is described on the website (very meta):

It features events and attractions on both the Philadelphia and Camden sides of the river as well as activities in Old City and the Historic District. It explains how to get here, where to park, what transit to use, and what to do when you’re here. It is also a resource for development news and projects along the waterfront.

Oh yeah, that too–it tells you how to have fun. Which Emma and team can now do because the website is here!